Is a Rodenticide Good Enough?

Learn how adding ContraPest liquid to your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program targets the source of an infestation for long-term success.

EPA Approved

ContraPest is the first and only EPA approved contraceptive for both male and female rats, targeting the source of reproduction.

EVO Express Bait Station
Female veterinarian wearing a stethoscope and petting a dog.

Vet’s Guide

An aid for veterinarians treating non-target animals that have ingested ContraPest.

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Does ContraPest work on any species other than rats?

No. ContraPest is specifically formulated and EPA registered for controlling rat pest populations.

Can I purchase or ship ContraPest outside of the United States?

ContraPest is only registered for use in the United States, District of Columbia, and five major US territories. While federally classified as a general use product, in the state of Connecticut you must have a restricted use license to purchase.

What happens if my dog or other house pet consumes ContraPest?

Always follow the label when deploying ContraPest. When properly deployed ContraPest poses extremely low risk to non-target species.

I lost my bait station key. What do I do?

You're in luck. You can purchase a replacement key here.

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