About Senestech

The leader in fertility control solutions for managing animal pest populations.


We are committed to improving the health of our world by humanely managing animal populations through fertility control.


Leading responsible and innovative solutions for a better world

SenesTech | ContraPest 400ml bottle in use


Integrity.  We are authentic and truthful in our dealings with customers, partners, shareholders, communities, and each other.

Creativity. We continuously seek new ideas and new ways to develop and improve our products. We are prudent risk-takers and view failure as a learning opportunity.

Urgency.  We attack each day with a sense of urgency, always mindful of bringing our vision to reality.

Sustainability. We strive to provide solutions that positively impact our environment and provide sustainable benefits to both the world and our company.

Diversity.  We recognize that our people are our competitive advantage and seek to attract, develop, motivate, and retain a talented, diverse team to drive our business.

Plastic tub of Evolve Soft Bait in an agricultural (grain) environment.


  • Protecting the Food Supply  – Rats destroy 20% of the global stored food supply every year by consuming or contaminating it.
  • Protecting Infrastructure  – Rats cause over $27B in damage to public and private infrastructure annually in the United States.
  • Protecting Human Health  – Rats spread at least 35 diseases, globally posing a dangerous risk to public health and safety.
  • Protecting the Environment  – ContraPest was specifically designed to target rats and does not move up the food chain impacting the health and wellness of non-target species populations.