Company History

How a game changing idea for more effective pest control solutions was sparked by an effort to aid scientific organizations in women’s health research.


Founded in 2004, SenesTech emerged from the innovative minds of two pioneering female scientists with a breakthrough technology initially designed to induce menopause in mice for women's health research. Their journey took a transformative turn when they realized the potential of their technology in addressing rat pest populations by controlling fertility.

Rat Birth Control™

In 2016, SenesTech achieved a milestone as ContraPest became the first and only rat contraceptive registered by the United States EPA. This revolutionary solution for restricting fertility in both male and female rats stands out in the realm of rodenticides:

  • Humane Design: Prioritizing ethical rodent population control.
  • Non-Bioaccumulative: Doesn't impact non-target species or travel up the food chain.
  • No Adverse Health Effects: Ensures rats remain unaffected, avoiding neophobia or bait aversion.
  • Targeted Efficiency: Addresses rapid reproduction rates, a fundamental factor in rat infestations.
  • Prevents Rebound Effect: Halts rats from breeding back to original colony sizes post-lethal control.
  • Irresistible to Rats: Formulated with fats and sugars, it remains enticing even in food-rich environments.
  • Proven Efficacy: Integrated Pest Management studies reveal over 90% reduction in rat populations, sustained over time.

SenesTech's ContraPest isn't just a rat contraceptive. It is a game-changer in humane, effective pest management.


Today the success of ContraPest can be seen across the United States. It is used by pest management professionals in all types of settings, including commercial buildings, city-owned spaces like parks and correctional facilities, agribusinesses such as poultry farms and grain manufacturers, and sensitive locations like zoos, sanctuaries, and animal rescues.

In 2023 SenesTech introduced Evolve soft bait, continuing the company's commitment to ethical pest control and dedication to advancing science for the benefit of both human and environmental well-being. As a NASDAQ-listed entity, SenesTech continues to exemplify innovation, sustainability, and positive impact in the biotechnology sector.