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Our new Evolve™ soft bait is a FIFRA Section 25(b) exempt minimum risk pesticide.

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Two chickens.

Poultry Farms See Savings in Costs, Labor, and Resources

”Within 6 months, we had zero activity. ”

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A hawk soaring through the sky.

Is a Rodenticide Good Enough?

Learn how adding Evolve™ soft bait or ContraPest® liquid to your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program targets the source of an infestation for long-term success.

Implementing ContraPest not only helped us increase our efficiency, but our client was so pleased with the results, the next month they gave us another 1,000 units!

Anchor Pest Control

Carmen Reino

We were thrilled to find ContraPest to control our rat population. We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the numbers of rats in our barn. With ContraPest, we can just put out the product and, over a short amount of time, the rats stop reproducing. We are thrilled to have found SenesTech.

Wildhorse Ranch Rescue

Kim Meagher

We have been using ContraPest to fight our rat problem at the zoo for about six months now, and we feel confident it's giving us an advantage in the battle.

Emerald Coast Zoo

Our use of Contrapest for the past six months has helped reduce our rat population and keep them from coming back. I recommend ContraPest for anyone who needs a different solution to this age-old problem.

Pasado's Safe Haven

Stephanie Perciful

I would use [ContraPest] on every account that has rats. Why would you want them to continue to populate while you are trying to solve a problem?

Missouri Pest Consultants

Terry Hoselton

[ContraPest] helps a lot to ease our minds about having effective rat control around animals that may kill and/or eat them.

Exotic Feline Rescue Center