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We’re SenesTech: fertility control specialists fueled by our passion to create a healthy environment by decreasing rodent pest populations. We strive for clean cities, effective businesses and happy households—all through non-lethal, proactive methods that increase and uphold quality of life for humans and animals alike.

Senestech in the news

November 30, 2021 in SenesTech Mentions

Phoenix Business Journal: Meet SenesTech, the Phoenix company making birth control for rats

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November 9, 2021 in SenesTech Mentions

Mr. Fix It Lou Manfredini of Chicago’s WGN Radio Explains How Birth Control for Rats Is a Safe and Effective Way to Reduce Rat Populations

*Please note, ContraPest is only effective on Norway and roof rats.
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October 7, 2021 in SenesTech Mentions

The Heights: Newton seeking stricter rodent control

Newton Programs and Services Committee introduces ContraPest to reduce rat fertility.  
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We get results

Reining in rat reproduction resulted in significant savings for 2 poultry farms.

A win for
Washington, D.C.

ContraPest was deployed for 16 months in our nation’s capital city from June 2019 to October 2020. Depending on location, activity was reduced 94-99% with 98-100% reduction in juvenile rodents.

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ContraPest® —revolutionary,

The traditional methods of rodent control are no longer your only option. Endeavor with SenesTech and discover a product that protects you, your property or business, and your furry family members from unwanted rodent visitors.

ContraPest is the world’s first rodent contraceptive registered with the United States EPA, designed to reduce rodent populations quickly, effectively, and proactively. From homeowners and Pest Management Professionals to city governments and agriculture businesses, ContraPest is how we create a smarter, happier future.