Rodent management challenges


Despite current control methodologies, rat infestations have been a concern since the Middle Ages, and continue to be a nuisance.


Lethal rat poisons may enter the ecosystem where they can become toxic to the environment, pets and wildlife if not used as directed.


ContraPest® is designed, formulated and dispensed to be low hazard for handlers and non-target species such as wildlife, livestock and pets.


ContraPest® can be used as an anchor for an integrated pest management program, or as a stand-alone solution to decrease reliance on lethal options.


Changing the paradigm: ContraPest® gets at the root cause of the problem

Killing with poisons and traps isn’t just inhumane; it simply isn’t sustainable over the long run. Traditional methods of rat management knock down the population by using traps or rodenticides. While these methodologies have been at the forefront of pest management programs, but they do not provide consistent, sustained results.

In fact, the initial decline in rodent populations exposed to lethal poisons is typically followed by a “population rebound” as surviving rodents have plentiful food and harborage and under these conditions, rats can quickly reproduce. Studies have indicated that rat population rebounds can occur in as little as three to six months. ContraPest® both male and female fertility is reduced.

ContraPest® as a proven technology with a targeted delivery system for maximum efficacy!

Together, laboratory & field studies reinforce that ContraPest® is a highly attractive, liquid contraceptive bait that with repeated consumption, is effective in reducing rat populations in a variety of settings.

On reason that the liquid bait may be so attractive, is that rats require consumption of 10% of their body weight in liquid, and ContraPest® provides an attractive source of liquid.

Once ingested, ContraPest® is quickly metabolized by the rat with the active ingredients breaking down into inactive metabolites within 15 minutes.

ContraPest® a Restricted Use Pesticide, due to applicator expertise, and is specifically formulated for Norway and roof rats. Please read, understand and comply with the label instructions. 


The SenesTech Mission

SenesTech aims to provide for the more humane treatment of animals, to improve the quality of human life, and to enhance environmental stewardship through global application of our animal fertility control technology.


Curious about ContraPest® and how it can work for you? Watch our latest video to learn more from Dr. Loretta Mayer, CEO and our SenesTech team.

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