Our Solution: ContraPest

SenesTech’s first product to be commercialized is a non-lethal compound designed to reduce rat populations by controlling reproduction.

Changing the paradigm: our technology gets at the root cause of the problem

We change the paradigm of rodent control by targeting the root cause of escalating populations: reproduction. The incredible speed at which rats reproduce and multiply is astounding. Two rat mating couples can, over an 8 to 12 month life span, generate 15 million descendants. While alive, they guard their territory from neighboring tribes who would invade if there were a sudden drop in population, the cause of poison’s “rebound effect.”

ContraPest: How it works

ContraPest is a liquid fertility control bait for rodents that targets the reproductive capacity of both male and female rats, rendering them infertile. The product can be deployed as a standalone solution or as the anchor to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

Consumption of ContraPest causes a decline in rat litter size as early as 15 days after ingestion. Rats need to consume 10% of their body weight in water each day and choose to consume ContraPest because of the high water, fat and sweet content of the bait. They return to the bait again and again even in the presence of high value foods.

ContraPest: Addressing Population Rebounds

Traditional methods of managing rat infestations knock down the population by using traps or rodenticides (poisons). As the population decreases and there are less rats and more resources, the population often rebounds in greater numbers than before. As rats are opportunistic breeders, they take advantage of more food and less competition.

In an ideal environment, four pairs of breeding adult rats and their progeny can produce up to 15 million rats in one year. ContraPest targets the root cause of infestations: reproduction. As individuals continually feed on ContraPest and lose the ability to reproduce, the population gradually decreases to a lower, sustainable level.

While alive they guard their territory from neighboring rats, who would invade if there were a sudden drop in population. Instead of exponentially increasing their populations, they die of natural causes.

ContraPest: How It’s Delivered & Safety

The liquid bait is delivered in two 550ml tanks with attached feeder trays in tamper-resistant JT Eaton bait stations that are weather proof, pet proof and most importantly, child proof.

Maintaining a constant supply of ContraPest allows for continuous fertility suppression of the population. ContraPest is non-lethal, non-toxic and does not accumulate in the environment if spilled, the actives break down when exposed to water and soil.

The components of a ContraPest bait station.

Two 550ml containers of bait inside a bait station.

Bait station secured near identified foraging areas.

ContraPest: Availability

ContraPest received the fastest EPA approval in history at the time of its registration and has been approved for use in 49 states, awaiting approval in California. ContraPest must be deployed by a licensed Pest Management Professional.

For more information, please contact sales@senestech.com or call +1 (928) 779 – 4143 ext. 820