When Should You Call An Exterminator For Rats?

Feb 11

If you spot a rat, or notice any signs of an infestation on your property or business, it is time to call an exterminator. Waiting to take action can allow these pesky critters time to cause damage and reproduce rapidly … which isn’t the least bit desirable.

If left untreated, rats can cause destruction and in some cases illness. Rats want two things: food and shelter. Hidden areas close to food that offer warmth, cover, and safety, such as food pantries, storage areas, and animal enclosures are some of their favorite places. It sounds gross, we know, but rats can contaminate food. They leave behind urine and feces that can carry disease and pathogens, putting your business or family at risk.

Rats can also cause extensive damage with their strong teeth. Their teeth constantly grow which is why they are driven to continually chew; it keeps their teeth healthy. Because of this, they will gnaw through almost anything, even electrical wires, which can create a fire hazard.

Okay, so we know rat infestations are bad… and pretty disgusting. But what exactly should you do about it? When is it time to call an exterminator for rats? Let’s look into this a bit deeper so you can make the best decision for your infestation problems.

Rat infographic

How does an exterminator get rid of rats?

Typically, a professional comes in, searches for signs of the infestation and carries out treatment using poisons or traps and may provide exclusion services. You may think your problem is solved, but when it comes to rats and their control you need to have realistic expectations.

If we’re being honest, controlling rat infestations is complex. Complete eradication by means of rat removal services is not always possible.  To rid yourself of rats, you have to prevent rats from returning to your home or business. Exclusion work offers more permanent solutions but may cost more than you are willing to spend. In addition, any rats that were unsuccessfully removed may quickly repopulate… continuing the never-ending cycle of rat babies, new infestations, and extermination services.

A female rat can have up to six litters of up to 12 rat pups a year. That’s a lot of rats over a short period of time from one rat that was sly enough to avoid poison baits and traps.

How long does it take an exterminator to get rid of rats?

Many people mark the first dead rat they see as a success, and rightfully so! However, sometimes it can take up to a few months to start seeing a significant reduction in rat populations. The reduction depends largely on how well rats respond to poisons or traps. Rats are intelligent creatures, and one bad experience can cause them to avoid that same encounter if it did not do its job the first time. This leads to survivors getting it on whenever they can to continue their family lineage. Although there may be a short period of time where you think the rats are gone, the second generation is going to come back stronger and rowdier, ready to party.

Is it worth getting an exterminator?

The answer is definitely. But, there is a product that can help maximize results and provide sustainable, long-term population control.

Rat birth control.

No, we’re not fooling you. Stopping rats from breeding can be an incredible solution to a rat infestation, either on its own or in tandem with other pest control methods.

ContraPest® targets rat populations and is a long-term solution that can help your infestation diminish and keep them from coming back. ContraPest is a humane bait and the only EPA approved fertility solution on the market. Rat birth control lets rats have the freedom of love, without the rat pup aftermath.

The infestation you once thought was out of control can be managed and suppressed in no time. 

Let the freedom of love reign for rats, with ContraPest

Interested in using ContraPest? Talk to your local exterminator about rat birth control and ask for ContraPest by name. Also, you can find our products on our website.[1] One popular choice is our start kit. Rats can celebrate free love without an explosion of babies to look after. Not only that, but it’s easy to set up. No mixing solutions required.

At SenesTech, our goal is to improve rodent pest control by instituting fertility management as an essential core tool for all places plagued by rat infestation. Learn more about ContraPest and our dedication to reducing the rat population in a safe, humane way.



[1] ContraPest® is registered federally as a General Use Product when used as directed and is registered with EPA and 50 states, but requires an RUP license if being deployed in: Connecticut and New York. Do not apply this product in public schools within the state of California until further notice. ContraPest is a registered trademark of SenesTech, Inc. Always read and follow label directions. EPA Reg. # 91601-1.