Our Purpose

To make a better world by providing the pest control difference: fertility management.

The SenesTech Mission & Vision

Our mission is to improve rodent pest control by establishing fertility management as an essential core tool for all markets plagued by rats.

SenesTech’s underlying goals are two-fold:

  1. Improve the health, safety and well-being of humanity worldwide by reducing the negative impact from disease, food contamination, and structural damage caused by pest rodents;
  2. Provide an economic value to our shareholders through the increased use of our products to address current rodent issues while expanding our product base to include other opportunities as they arise.

We expand on these goals with a trifecta of focus: PEOPLE, PLANET and PROGRESS.


  • With reduced amounts of food consumed or contaminated by rodents, the world food shortage/hunger problem can be reduced in many nations where humans do not have enough food to feed their population.
  • Rodents are responsible for the transfer of many diseases that are harmful to humans, domestic animals, and other food sources. The reduction in rodents alone will have a positive impact on our general health.
  • Our employees are committed to helping on a local level with the donation of their time, money, and services, which are provided to various community organizations.
  • Our home office is pet-friendly with employees often bringing their pets to work. Many employees enjoy this benefit (especially the dogs).
  • At SenesTech, we embrace diversity in our workforce and Board of Directors. We’re constantly creating ways for our employees to feel welcome and celebrated, regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or creed.


  • We seek to minimize secondary exposure to predatory and non-target species that consume the poison directly or feed on the target species.
  • As we increase our product demand, we are continuing our successful campaign to reduce waste generated and energy used per liter of manufactured product, all while decreasing our cost of goods sold. We also use recycled goods (office and manufacturing) and reconfigure manufacturing equipment when possible.


  • We’re dedicated to bringing new technology and the incremental benefits in the pest management industry.
  • Through an increased deployment of ContraPest®, we help create cleaner, more habitable areas while continuing to advocate for environmental stewardship.
  • We will continue our research and dedication to our knowledge of fertility control with the hope of expanding our line of products in the years to come.