The Senestech Story

It started with Mouseopause.

A little about us

The founders of SenesTech developed a model for inducing menopause in mice. After licensing this work to a scientific organization for women’s health research, it became known as Mouseopause. With the Mouseopause technology, the company realized its potential as a useful tool for pest rodent management. Thus, ContraPest® was born—a commercial product with the potential to be an effective means of pest control not only in rats, but potentially other small mammalian species as well.

ContraPest is a liquid formulation that is high in fat and sweet to taste. As such, it is a very attractive substance for rodents. The liquid formulation was chosen based largely in part by the water intake requirements of rodents—particularly rats, which consume approximately 10% of their body weight in water each day.

After years of extensive research, the ContraPest formulation was finalized. SenesTech registered ContraPest with the U.S. EPA in 2016 as a non-lethal rodenticide for Norway and roof rat population management.


Age-old problem,
modern solution

Our flagship brand, ContraPest, applies our revolutionary technology to a challenge that has plagued the globe since the Middle Ages: the presence and persistence of rodents that rapidly reproduce in urban and agricultural settings. This proven technology targets the basis for rodent population growth—reproduction.

The result? Fewer rodents, simple as that.

We’ve earned
our stripes

SenesTech received EPA registration for ContraPest in 2016 and we’re currently registered in all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C.

The science behind ContraPest has an established track record of success. Between laboratory and field research, as well as successes across the U.S., our fertility control is steadily changing the pest control industry.

ContraPest is now available to the public through various means:

National and regional ContraPest distributors
Licensed PMPs
Online distributors