Why You Should Subscribe to ContraPest<sup>®</sup>

Feb 28

Keep Rat Sex Safe With Monthly Refills of Birth Control for RatsTM

Two of the best features of ContraPest are that it poses less risk to non-target animals and doesn’t move up the food chain. It’s able to stay on-target and out of the wider environment, keeping its contraceptive effects limited to rats. How? One reason is that we only include trace amounts of its active ingredients: 0.09604% and 0.00118%. Additionally, neither ingredient is a sterilant.

This means the only way to get consistent, long-term fertility protection is to ensure your rats are getting their monthly dose of Birth Control for Rats. And the best way to get your monthly refills is to subscribe to ContraPest.

What You Get With Your ContraPest Subscription

In order to be effective, ContraPest tanks and trays need to be changed out every month, ensuring that rats get a continuous supply of bait. The ContraPest Refill Kit is a bundle of products you need to continuously deploy ContraPest from the PROTECTA EVO Express® Bait Station. It comes with the tank(s) and tray(s) you need to fill your bait stations.

ContraPest Refill Kit

Got roof rats? They need a constant supply as well. The Elevate Bait System with ContraPest Refill Kit includes a supply of ContraPest each month to ensure rats that nest in elevated spaces have reduced fertility.


Bundle and Save Discount

We know the cost of recurring shipments can add up. When you’re paying for shipping on every monthly order, you’re not getting the same value as ordering multiple products at once. Fortunately, ContraPest has a long shelf-life, and it’s more than possible to bundle your orders. We currently offer free shipping for customers who subscribe to quarterly shipments.

Just Starting Out? Get a Starter Kit

If you’re just getting started with ContraPest, you need a ContraPest Starter Kit. In addition to a one-month supply of bait and feeder trays, you’ll get the PROTECTA EVO Express Bait Station, which only needs to be purchased once. Dealing with a lot of rats? We offer the XL ContraPest Starter Kit, which contains three bait stations, three tanks of bait, and three feeder trays in one shipment.

ContraPest Starter KitXL ContraPest Starter Kit
Elevate Bait System with ContraPest Starter Kit

If you’re tackling roof rats, the Elevate Bait System with ContraPest Starter Kit gives you a one-month supply of bait as well as the unique Elevate Bait Station.

No matter which Starter Kit you purchase, it’s all you need to start deploying ContraPest and setting up a home base for your monthly ContraPest refills.

Not Sure What You Need? Let's Talk.

With such a unique product, multiple versions, and a subscription service to consider, we completely understand that you might have questions about how to make ContraPest work for you. If so, feel free to reach out to a ContraPest consultant. They’ll analyze the details of your infestation and help you pick out the best ContraPest products to suit your needs. And they’ll help set you up on a subscription plan that will ensure your rats are having safe sex while bundling everything together in the most cost-effective option.