Elevate Bait System<sup>™</sup> with ContraPest<sup>®</sup> is Now Available in California

Jul 28

PHOENIX, July 28, 2022  SenesTech, Inc., (SNES), the rodent fertility control experts,  announced that its new Elevate Bait System™ with  ContraPest®, the only EPA registered birth control for both male and female rats, is available for sale in all fifty states, including California, following approval of the system by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR). The new bait system specifically targets roof rats, a common pest in agricultural settings, and  is now available online at https://contrapeststore.com/products/contrapest-elevate-bait-system

“The Elevate Bait System with ContraPest began shipping to states other than California a month ago and is seeing rapid adoption in the agricultural space. Significant interest in Elevate has been building up from customers in California – interest that we can now turn into orders with the recent CDPR approval,” said Ken Siegel, SenesTech’s CEO.

The Elevate Bait System is easily deployed indoors above ground with multiple options for mounting in the rafters of barns, granaries, storage, manufacturing facilities, attics, and lofts. It can be used above ground wherever roof rats are feeding, transiting, or hiding indoors. The suspended bait station is easily accessible by rats, but out of the way of people, pets, livestock, and food storage areas. 

While the Elevate Bait System is a novel way to deploy, it is still the same successful, fertility control solution, ContraPest, that reduces rat populations and stops infestations before they start.  ContraPest is a sweet, fatty liquid formula that rats love and that has no unfavorable impacts to other populations. It works both alone as well as with other integrated pest management methods where a 90 percent reduction in rat pest populations has been achieved.

Senesetech partnered with livestock production biosecurity and sanitation experts Agrecom Inc (agrecom.net) in the development testing and deployment of the Elevate system.   “By partnering with a forward-thinking company like SenesTech we were able to solve a challenging situation with one of our egg layer customers, as well as help bring to market a game changing product for rodent control,” said Stuart Rawling, Agrecom CEO.  “Roof rats pose a real threat to food security and the beauty of the new Elevate Bait System is that we're targeting these rats where they live and breed. Not only do these rats stay in the upper part of buildings, but so does this suspended bait system." 

Birth control is essential to controlling rat populations since they reproduce so quickly. A male and female base pair can account for generations of rats, as many as 15,000 descendants in just over a year.  ContraPest is currently successfully deployed in large cities, farms, animal sanctuaries and zoos around the United States as well as in public and private buildings, commercial residential buildings, and retail buildings in traditional bait boxes. But given the unique environment in agricultural settings, and since roof rats often spend their lifetimes never putting paws to the ground, SenesTech wanted to develop a better way to deploy ContraPest - above ground. 

Mr. Siegel continued, “Collaborating with such industry experts as Agrecom we know the Elevate Bait System with ContraPest will be transformational in eliminating roof rats. Roof rats have been on the rise in the United States for the past 15 years causing serious property damage, dangerous food contamination and spreading disease on farms, in food processing and foodservice facilities, and in other commercial areas, private and public buildings."

The system is designed to permit easy drop in and replacement of new 8oz bottles of ContraPest reducing servicing time and cost. Elevate Bait System with ContraPest is now available in every state.  The EPA approved it for use earlier in March this year.

To learn more or to order the Elevate Bait System with ContraPest, call 1-866-886-RATS or visit www.ContraPestStore.com.

For expertise and guidance in effective vector control with the Elevate Bait System with ContraPest contact Agrecom Inc at 209 726 0340 or orders@agrecom.net. 

 About SenesTech

We are “The Pest Control Difference” for the 21st century. We are rodent fertility control specialists fueled by our passion to create a healthy environment by virtually eliminating rodent pest populations. We keep an inescapable truth in mind. Two rats and their descendants can be responsible for the birth of up to 15,000 pups after a year. We invented ContraPest, the only U.S. EPA registered contraceptive for male and female rats. ContraPest fits seamlessly into all integrated pest management programs, greatly improving the overall goal of effective rat management. We strive for clean cities, efficient businesses, and happy households – with a product that was designed to be effective and sustainable without killing rats.  At SenesTech, we don’t just eliminate rats. We make a better world.

For more information visit https://senestech.com/ and https://contrapeststore.com.

About Agrecom

Agrecom are the leaders in Biosecurity, sanitation, and disease control solutions. Founded in 1995 to focus on solving challenges in the agriculture, residential and commercial spaces, Agrecom has become a nationally recognized expert in water treatment, sanitation, vector control and new product and process development.  We know that every challenge is unique, and therefore our services are designed with flexibility, scalability, and accountability in mind.  
Our company has a reputation for providing high quality, innovative solutions that focus on protecting the food supply chain and ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees. 

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