Focusing on the Promise of the Year of the Rat | SenesTech

As SenesTech embarks on 2020 with our clearest vision yet, we are doubly energized by the fact that this year heralds the Year of the Rat.

What does this mean and why are we so feeling so encouraged?

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2020 is rich with creative energy, poised for new beginnings and renewals, marked for success and making more money. Officially kicking off on January 25th, the Year of the Rat runs through February 11, 2021. Plenty of time to take advantage of this auspicious sign.

How do we intend to do that and what does it mean for you?

Well, to start we’ve launched our ecommerce store, where you can order ContraPest and SenesTech Control directly from our website whenever you want. We’re confident this new platform will support our PMPs and end-users, helping your business and, as promised by the Year of the Rat, boosting your bottom-line.

We will continue to emphasize our focus on commercialization as we move into the Year of the Rat, reaching more markets and verticals. As always, you can learn more about ContraPest and its most advantageous applications by visiting our website.

In the meantime, if you plan to celebrate the Chinese New Year and harness this energy, the pros suggest setting out the sorts of snacks that would satisfy a rat’s palette… without actually feeding them. Load up your table with all kinds of nuts and cheeses and enjoy your celebration with peace of mind that ContraPest is protecting your guest list.

Of course, we know that Norway and roof rats love ContraPest, so definitely make sure you have plenty on offer by visiting our online store!