Who We Are

Fertility control specialists fueled by our passion to create healthy
environments by significantly reducing rodent pest populations.

The SenesTech

The SenesTech story began in 2003 when scientists with a deep love for animals made a breakthrough in technology that causes menopause in mice. Little did they know, it would spark nearly two decades of research, coordination, and planning, culminating with the development of ContraPest®, the first US EPA registered rodenticide for fertility control.

Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to reducing the effects of rodent populations in urban, commercial and agricultural settings across the United States. We take pride in ContraPest’s ability to amplify the success of any integrated pest management program by drastically reducing the rebound effect.

We strive for clean cities, effective businesses and happy households.

Our Purpose

At SenesTech, our mission is anything but single-minded—it is a mosaic of goals we strive to meet in light of economic, social, and environmental responsibilities inherent to the pest control industry.

With ContraPest, we can:

  • Reduce risk to non-target species’ populations, like predators who prey on rodents
  • Help improve the health and well-being of humanity by reducing rodent pest populations
  • Provide economic value to our shareholders while elevating industry standards with new technology

Our Leadership

The helm of SenesTech is driven by a wealth of world experience. Equipped with decades of experience in industries like biopesticides, pest control, finance and hospitality, they guide and promote our successes every day. Moreover, they embody the SenesTech culture and our drive to create a better world.