Who We Are

Fertility control specialists committed to improving the health of people and the planet by humanely managing animal populations.

The SenesTech

SenesTech was founded in 2003 by two female scientists who had developed a breakthrough technology that induced menopause in mice. Originally developed to aid scientific organizations in women’s health research, it sparked the idea for a more effective pest control tool that evolved into ContraPest®.

In 2016 SenesTech received EPA-registration for ContraPest, the first and only fertility control impacting both male and female rats. ContraPest is commercially available today in two different applications: traditional baiting in a tamper-resistant bait station fixed to the ground and, our newest product, the Elevate Bait System™ with ContraPest for combating roof rats where they live and breed  – up high.


Our Purpose

At SenesTech, our mission is bold: we are committed to improving the health of people and the planet by humanely managing animal populations through fertility control. Today we have taken the first step towards that goal by offering ContraPest as an innovative tool for pest control.

ContraPest is the first EPA-registered contraceptive for both male and female rats developed by rat fertility control scientists to create healthy environments by drastically reducing rat pest populations. Designed to restrict fertility in both sexes, ContraPest is designed to address four main objectives:

  • Protecting the Food Supply  Rats destroy 20% of the global stored food supply every year by consuming or contaminating it.
  • Protecting Infrastructure  Rats cause over $27B in damage to public and private infrastructure annually in the United States.
  • Protecting Human Health  Rats spread at least 35 diseases, globally posing a dangerous risk to public health and safety.
  • Protecting the Environment  ContraPest was specifically designed to target rats and does not move up the food chain impacting the health and wellness of non-target species populations. 

Our Leadership

The leadership at SenesTech is driven by a wealth of world experience. Most importantly this team comes together around a shared passion and vision: to provide responsible solutions for a healthier world. The team works to deliver on those passions with a focus on the values of integrity, creativity, urgency, sustainability, and diversity.