In a fast-paced society, convenience is a valuable commodity. With apps on our mobile devices, shopping and placing orders can all be achieved at a given moment without getting up from your chair. It stands to reason why eCommerce sales in 2021 will account for 18.1% of all retail sales and will continue to rise as online businesses make shopping easier.

However, SenesTech knows that online shopping does not replace the value of a strong relationship with names and brands that people have trusted for many years. Therefore, SenesTech would like to highlight a few of our regional and national partners that work to better serve the pest management industry.

Regional Partner

Agri-Turf Distributing LLC has served the professional pest control, turf and landscape industries in Southern California since 2013 with a complete line of specialty ag chemicals to meet their customers’ needs.  With nearly 40 years of experience, Agri-Turf has provided expert knowledge of products and solutions that best fit the markets they serve, building a name customers trust. So, if in Southern California and need advice, product information, or supplies, Agri-Turf will be happy to assist –

National Partner

Veseris, formerly known as Univar Environmental Services, was acquired by AEA investors in 2020. As an independent company, Veseris is committed to serving customers in need of greater flexibility and purpose in markets like structural pest, wildlife, public and animal health, and post-harvest. With 70 ProCenter locations across North America, Veseris can serve customers in-person and offers over 10,000 products from more than 800 suppliers. Don’t worry if one of the ProCenters is not located near you. Veseris has a dynamic eCommerce presence with their PestWeb portal, an online store for pest control providers.

Online Partner

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control is an online partner with a growing business. Serving PMP clientele in addition to providing DIYers with the tools and knowledge they need to safety do their own pest control. Do-It-Yourself offers expertise in insect and rodent pest identification and control measures, professional equipment, and more. When in need, Do-It-Yourself is your best source for professional and commercial grade pest control supplies, approved for both residential and commercial pest control. With locations in both Georgia and Arizona for fast delivery, you can order online at any time or contact them directly for their expertise.

SenesTech is working towards making ContraPest available to all interested parties in the United States and values working with distribution partners for optimal success.