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Wait! We are killing the good guys.

In ridding ourselves of a pest that gives most of us the creeps we are giving foxes, hawks, mountain lions and other wildlife a shorter life span. That pest is the rat. Rats have roamed our planet almost as long as the dinosaurs but elicit emotions of revulsion and fear in most people. Around the world rats are blanketing growing fields, subways, prisons, agricultural enterprises, pig farms and the list goes on. Our solution for years has been to poison them but with sometimes unintended consequences. 


Animal Pesticide Cycle


b2ap3_thumbnail_Malibumap The second generation rodenticides which are anticoagulants or blood thinners are killing local wildlife and indigenous animals.   




b2ap3_thumbnail_HawkThe California Department of Fish and Wildlife has already confirmed 240 cases of rodenticide exposure in animals that include hawks, black bears, owls and the endangered San Joaquin kit fox. The National Park Service has also documented deaths of mountain lions and bobcats in Southern California’s Santa Monica Mountains. And UC researchers found second-generation anticoagulants in 70 percent of the mammals and 68 percent of the birds they examined.

Cities like Malibu have moved to stop the use and death these rodenticides are causing among wildlife. 

Let’s  stop killing the good guys, the animals who are the natural predators of rats.  Fertility control is an approach whose time has come.