July 24, 2019

The Spotlight Shines

SenesTech is delighted to introduce our first quarterly newsletter, which has been thoughtfully designed to keep you up to speed on company and product developments, along with current industry trends, events, and issues. This is your source for everything SenesTech and we invite you to explore these pages, which allow for interactive viewing on our website.

What to Expect in the SenesTech Newsletter

In this inaugural issue, hear directly from our Senior Vice President of Commercialization, Edward Albe, about the current situation in California regarding the potential state-wide ban of lethal rodenticides. Discover details about our flagship product, ContraPest, and its recent regulatory status change, as a sound solution to California’s proposed legislation.

Peruse our Preferred Partner Spotlight and discover the unique hallmarks of the SenesTech brand, which guide our corporate mission and values. No newsletter would be complete without a run-down on company resources — eight of which we’ve chosen to spotlight. For example, our Case Studies, Tech Bulletins, Research Studies and our entertaining, yet informative, Rat Facts Podcast.

Check out how our human resources division implemented some ingenious improvements to attract the best talent to our team. See how our team has streamlined manufacturing in the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility and our commitment to sustainability.

Find these features and more in our first newsletter, and follow SenesTech on social media to stay informed on company updates between quarterly newsletter deliveries.