The future

The future of animal population management

We plan for our revolutionary technology to be applied in a variety of formulations and delivery methods to all species of mammals considered to be pests worldwide. Long term, it could become the humane and non-surgical answer to the population management of companion animals.

In addition to urban settings, our intention is to expand the worldwide use of our rodent bait products to increase crop yields in developing countries as well as the U.S. through rodent population management. Very key is the removal of poison from crop growing, food service and food manufacturing environments.

We also hope to apply our humane animal population control technology to stop the culling and killing of wildlife species. In various regions of the United States and the world, animals like deer, wild pigs, gophers, porcupines, feral cats and stray dogs are viewed as pests. Our species-specific formulations will be designed to provide a non-lethal solution to the excessive animal population growth.

Our work with dogs in the Tibetan refugee camps of Northern India indicates that our product may provide a potential solution to the growing incidence of rabies deaths in humans, in areas where surgical spaying/neutering and routine rabies vaccinations are impractical. It was a gratifying trip. Children brought us their pets for treatment and left with smiles on their faces.