SenesTech was delighted to launch last month’s webinar, designed specifically for pest management professionals. Embracing the fact that education is key to communicating our value proposition across industries and market segments, the goal was to introduce the concept of targeted fertility control by showcasing our flagship product: ContraPest®.

Brandy Pyzyna, President of Scientific Operations and Technical Services, spoke in depth on how targeted fertility control can help manage and significantly reduce pest populations, specifically Norway and roof rats. She discussed the history of fertility control in wildlife management and the pros and cons of the most commonly used pest management methods.

Reiterating SenesTech’s ability to produce effective fertility control for highly fecund, short-lived animals, she outlined a variety of criteria that must exist or be adhered to in order to optimize a fertility control agent. Key points focused on how fertility control can be successfully utilized within rodent populations as part of an effective integrated pest management plan to yield sustainable results.

Ultimately, this webinar demonstrated that SenesTech has successfully developed an effective long-term solution to a critical cause of rodent infestations and rebounds: reproduction. The non-lethal formulation reduces the risk of secondary exposure to non-target species and humans, which helps address an increasing concern of government agencies and the general public.

fertility control webinar with brandy pyzyna

If you were unable to attend the presentation or would like to review the information, the presentation recording can be accessed here.

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