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Sir Richard Branson speaks at BIO


Sir Richard Branson

Attendees at the BIO International Conference stood in a very long line to get into Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center today to listen to Sir Richard Branson. Himself an entrepreneur extrodinaire having started over 400 companies and launched hundred’s more non-profits through Virgin Unite, he was an excellent choice to speak to the 15,000+ bio tech leaders and entrepreneurs in attendance.

As the line began to move into the building it didn’t look like all the people would fit but the monsterous room kept swalliing them up until the line disappeared and everyone was in.  The program started on time at noon even though hundreds were still filing in. A cold lunch was already on the tables ready to be consumed. The program included a keynote talk by the President and CEO of BIO Jim Greenwood.

Branson started his first business at age 16, his airline at age 29 and now has businesses in 50 countries doing 24 billion in annual revenue and has 60,000 to 70,000 employees he estimated.  virginlogo


Some quotes and thoughts from Sir Richard Branson’s talk;

Take your shots – take a risk – you’ll have more chances to succeed.

No one organization can do it all.

We champion our customers. We innovate.

Let’s do business like there is a tomorrow.

Screw it. Just do it.

I like being Dr. Yes instead of Dr No. It is more fun.

He said the innovation at BIO will heal, fuel and feed the world.

Protect the down side in business.

Sir Richard Branson gave a funny, entertaining and thought provoking presentation and left us wondering how he had time to be a winner at kite sailing too.