SenesTech is committed to social responsibility just like Sharon’s Attic is; and part of that commitment involves teamwork and community collaboration to make the world a better place than we found it.

Last weekend, our team gave back to the community by volunteering at Sharon’s Attic thrift store. Founded in 2014, Sharon’s Attic is on a mission to help women and children survivors of domestic violence. Every purchase guides homeless women and children on their journey out of violence and poverty, leading them to economic freedom, safety, health, and independence.

sharons attic with senestech

Nine SenesTech employees assisted during the four-hour event. Some volunteers worked diligently to organize and clean all sections of the store, while others moved and rearranged furniture to a more marketable area. Just with that change alone, the store became more accessible, allowing customers to easily get to other areas without any difficulty.

As an added bonus, with Mother’s Day coming up, one volunteer created a display to encourage patrons to shop for that special gift to brighten up their mother’s day.

To learn more about our upcoming community events, please visit our Events Page.