At last! We are delighted to announce the launch of the SenesTech Online Store!

Consider the SenesTech online store your destination for ordering our innovative products backed by Sound Science, 24/7. Thanks to this easy-to-use product platform, you can now order any SenesTech product whenever you need it, and from the comfort of your location. We like to think of this as ContraPest meets cutting-edge convenience.

Why Shop the SenesTech Store?

Some of you might have received our email previewing the upcoming launch of the store, but for those who missed it, here’s what you can expect now that our eCommerce option is open for business.

In an effort to partner up with PMPs and support their daily efforts, we’ve made it possible (and easy!) for them to order ContraPest, Control, and the corresponding trays directly from the online store, accessible on the website.


With the ease of ordering direct, PMPs can provide effective solutions to meet their customers’ needs on-demand. Our hope is that this alternative way to procure products will provide the support and resources PMPs need when they need it.

Visit the SenesTech Online Store and see how easy it is to shop and order Sound Science direct!