Have you ever wondered why pest management professional continuing education unit (PMP CEU) courses are so important?

PMP CEU courses are designed to keep professionals versed in the latest technologies and techniques while expanding their knowledge in new areas focused around their current certification. Generally, these courses are offered throughout the year and hosted in varying locations; however, the requirements of course completion are dependent upon the state the course is held in and by the specific profession.

Spotlight on SenesTech PMP CEU

On June 27th, SenesTech will present Rodent IPM and Fertility Management at the BugOff ( PMP CEU) training program in New York. Participants will be introduced to fertility control and a contraceptive tool as optimal components to a comprehensive integrated pest management program.

In order to appreciate the nuances of fertility management and its implications for rodent IPM, participants will first need to understand rodent mating habits and reproductive capacity to ensure fecundity factors are limited.

To that end, Brandy Pyzyna, Vice President of Scientific Operations, will discuss the layers of control and introduce an effective long-term solution, based on sound science, that has proven effective at overcoming stubborn behaviors.

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