When it comes to effective rodent prevention, it helps to borrow a trick or two from IPM — Integrated Pest Management — strategies. Rodent prevention involves thinking ahead and implementing habits and routines designed to keep rats away from your property in the first place.

Though they may seem simple and rooted in common sense, many residential and commercial property owners overlook these tips over and over again. Although failure to follow these steps won’t necessarily create a rat infestation, it certainly won’t help stop one from growing.

Whether for your home or business — or both!  — take a page out of the IPM playbook by following through on the following ideas…

Five Foolproof IPM Initiatives for Rodent Prevention

1.  Less is More

When it comes to plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees around your property, less is more. We’re all in favor of green spaces but you’ll want to keep branches and limbs pruned back and the area around the roots clear of leaves and other debris. Rats can create safe harborage out of overgrown areas, so take the time to trim back your plants, thereby removing any potential hiding places.

2.  Seal Up Cracks and Crevices

If you see any spaces in the structure of your home or business — whether the foundation or siding, make sure you seal them up in order to deny any rat entry into your building.

3.  Cleanliness is King

Maybe you own a restaurant or maybe your family and friends enjoy dining al fresco at your home. Whether it’s patio dining at a local cafe or in your own backyard, it’s crucial to clean up any and all spills right away. Make sure tabletops, grills, and the surrounding floor or decking is wiped clean of all foods or beverages that could attract rats to your table.

4.  Keep a Lid on It

Make sure all trash and recycling bins are covered with well-fitted lids to keep the trash in and the rats out. Rats aren’t exactly discerning diners and will gladly feast on the remains of your favorite meals and snacks… no matter how long they’ve been there.

5.  Protect Your Pet’s Food

Do not leave dog or cat dishes outside and be careful to seal up bags of pet food completely. Better yet, secure all pet food in a plastic bin with a lid to keep the contents protected from rats… and even from peckish pets looking for a snack between meals.

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