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Rodent Control: Our Product

Changing the paradigm by targeting the root cause: rat reproduction

SenesTech’s first product to be commercialized is a non-lethal compound designed to reduce rat populations by controlling reproduction.

We change the paradigm of rodent control by targeting the root cause of escalating populations: reproduction. The incredible speed at which rats reproduce and multiply is astounding. Two rat mating couples can, over an 8 to 12 month life span, generate 15 million descendants. While alive, they guard their territory from neighboring tribes who would invade if there were a sudden drop in population, the cause of poison’s “rebound effect.”

How it works

Our patented formulation causes both female and male rats to become infertile once they have consumed the effective dose. The active ingredient in females accelerates the rate at which ovarian follicles (egg structures) are depleted. Once these cells are gone, the animal cannot reproduce. In males, there is a marked reduction in the ability to fertilize eggs and, often, complete sterility. Otherwise, the animal lives out its normal 8 to 12 month life span without any observable side effects. It’s a truly humane approach that is also effective because it allows populations to taper off naturally without a “rebound.”

Orally self-administered and cost-effective

Our non-lethal compound is placed in a liquid bait that brings rats back for seconds, thirds and more. They happily help themselves until over a few weeks both the males and the females have made themselves infertile. Otherwise they continue to lead normal lives.

Rats need to consume at least 10% of their body weight in liquid every day, and our bait gives them an attractive source as they build up to the effective dose. Once ingested, our formula quickly becomes inactive. It is designed to be environmentally neutral when excreted. The SenesTech bait is specifically formulated for rats and does not affect other animal species or humans.

SenesTech is thus a sustainable and humane approach to pest control.