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SenesTech, Inc Videos


Watch our Company Culture video to learn more about SenesTech, Inc.

SenesTech, Inc Company Culture

Watch this short video focusing on teamwork and collaboration at SenesTech, Inc.

SenesTech, Inc & Community

With SenesTech being deeply rooted in the Flagstaff community we always look for ways to give back and support our Hometown.

ContraPest Videos

Watch our ContraPest video to learn more about this revolutionary product!

Deploying ContraPest

Watch this short video to learn more about deploying ContraPest.

Replacing ContraPest

This short video shares more about replacing ContraPest.

Disposing of ContraPest

The ContraPest Solution

Watch this video to learn how ContraPest can help your IPM program succeed.

ContraPest is the Answer

Watch this video to learn how ContraPest combats rat infestations as a rat contraceptive.

Product & Marketing Photos

Looking for Technical Resources?

If you are looking for technical resources, you can find those on our Resources page.


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