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Thank you for your interest in learning more about ContraPest. Below are resources to support your continued product education and deployment. If you have any questions, our Technical Services team is here to help – Contact them by email at or call them directly at 928.482.7312.

ContraPest is a Restricted Use Pesticide, due to applicator expertise. Read and follow all label instructions. Target Species: Norway and roof rats.


ContraPest is a proven solution that targets the reproductive capabilities of Norway and roof rats. By reducing reproduction, ContraPest can be the anchor to your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and magnify the success of your IPM methodologies. For customers looking to reduce or eliminate their use of lethal methodologies, ContraPest also offers you a stand-alone non-lethal solution to bring rat populations down and keep them down.

Technical Resources

Watch our ContraPest video to learn more about this revolutionary product!

Deploying ContraPest

Watch this short video to learn more about deploying ContraPest.

Replacing ContraPest

This short video shares more about replacing ContraPest.

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