Go For Launch: SenesTech Delivers DIY ContraPest to Residential Market | SenesTech

Residential Market Can Now Order ContraPest Directly

The latest exciting news out of SenesTech stems from our recent release of ContraPest to our residential market. For the first time ever, homeowners in 47 states across the country are able to order ContraPest directly from SenesTech’s new Online Store.

Putting homeowners in control of their destiny by empowering their ability to control rat populations on their property is part of our brand’s commitment to public health.

SenesTech Supports Social Responsibility

Timing, as we know, is everything.

Right now, as the coronavirus causes unprecedented cancellations and closings to businesses and educational institutions, worldwide, public health is a priority on everyone’s mind.

By making ContraPest easily accessible to homeowners, we are supporting their ability to protect their properties, families, and communities from the risks associated with rat infestations.

Given that a root cause of these challenging and often costly infestations is reproduction, we are delighted to deliver our cutting-edge rat control solution, ContraPest, in DIY format. 

With the option to order ContraPest directly, homeowners are now at the helm of residential rat control and the directives couldn’t be easier:

  1. Order ContraPest straight from SenesTech’s Online Store
  2. Conveniently deploy ContraPest on-site without worrying about secondary exposure
  3. Subscribe to our monthly program and save 5% off entire order

Read more about SenesTech’s residential launch by visiting our website, which provides details to help homeowners take charge of residential rat prevention by choosing ContraPest as their proactive, year-round solution.