First Comes Rat Love… Let’s Leave it at That | SenesTech

February is upon us which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Rat love is in the air and will only grow more potent — at least with respect to rats — as we creep closer to springtime.

This means now is the time to get your rat control solution in place because spring sets the bar for peak rat reproduction. Warmer weather will return, flowers will be in bloom and, if you’re not prepared, so will your rat population.

The Root of the Problem — “They’re Twitterpated”

Those of us who weren’t entirely traumatized by the beginning of Disney’s animated classic, Bambi, might remember a subsequent scene in which the wise owl explains to young Bambi and his friends that their fellow woodland creatures are acting a bit bizarre because “they’re twitterpated.” Translation? It’s mating season.

Twitterpated is, in fact, a real word defined as, “excited or overcome by romantic feelings; smitten.”

Take these amorous feelings and pair them with these rat reproductive facts:
  • Female rat fertility is formidable. A female rat reaches sexual maturity at two months old and is able to ovulate up to 12 eggs every four days, which totals approximately 1,095 eggs every year.
  • Female rats have an average life span of one year, and produce between 3-6 litters over the course of their lives, with each litter made up of 5-12 pups.
  • Male rats reach sexual maturity at about 4 to 5 weeks of age.
  • Given this impressive fertility and speedy gestation, it’s really no wonder that a single male and female rat are able to produce nearly 15,000 rats from one spring season to the next. 

On top of that, the spring season brings warmer weather, which means more food and water sources — both naturally-derived and from increased human activity. We unwittingly support these randy rats by venturing outdoors and disturbing their nests and burrows.

Between outdoor concerts, zoos, and playgrounds, we emerge from our winter hibernation, often armed with snacks, the remnants of which soon overflow from trash receptacles. We mentioned our friend Bambi… remember Templeton from Charlotte’s Web who sang “a fair is a veritable smorgasbord” in between bites of discarded food? Well, he’s twitterpated, too.

Consider yourself forewarned: Springtime is the season for increased rat love and rat activity, specifically, rat reproduction — a root cause of all rat infestations. Get ahead of this natural behavior by ordering your supply of ContraPest, SenesTech’s proven rat fertility control solution.