For those of us who suffer from headaches, migraines or chronic pain of any kind, we know there is a real difference between soothing the symptoms and actually solving the problem. The distinction is based in a reactive versus proactive approach to addressing the issue.

Reactive methods will only get you so far. Proactive alternatives, on the other hand, will prevent an issue from arising in the first place. Put another way, rather than fight fires, protect against them with fireproofing. You get the idea. But, do you know how this applies to rat infestations?

Keep Ahead of the Curve with ContraPest: Your Rat Control Solution

By curve, we really mean sharp incline as represented by the rapid rate that rats reproduce. When you consider that a single pair of rats can produce up to 15,000 offspring within a year, it’s no wonder rat infestations can spiral out of control quickly.

Traditional rat control solutions, like lethal rodenticides, are useful for symptomatic suppression — like taking migraine medicine at the first sign of pain. But, rats are very smart and will realize when their population experiences a decline due to exposure to lethal rodenticides.

When this happens, what do they do? Rebound the population as quickly as possible through… you guessed it — rapid reproduction. That’s why a sustained, proactive approach to prevention is ideal to stop these symptoms from starting.

When it comes to effective rat control solutions, a proactive, preventative approach is key. Enter ContraPest: a non-lethal rat fertility control solution that metabolizes quickly and is deployed in a fatty liquid formulation that rats simply cannot resist — even in the presence of other preferred food sources.

ContraPest works in both male and female rats but does not pose a risk of secondary exposure to other non-target species, including your pets. Designed to enhance existing IPM programs, ContraPest is a preventative tool that strengthens your rat control strategy, safely and successfully.

Whether you run a municipality, commercial operation or residence, ContraPest is available to you from SenesTech’s Online Store. Consumers can even sign up for our monthly subscription service and save 5%.

Ordering ContraPest direct gives you the power to be proactive with rat control for consistent deployment and reliable results. Count on preventative ContraPest to help you solve the problem of rat infestations on your site.