Just in time for summer, brighter days are upon us as businesses begin to reopen and social distancing restrictions start to relax. Whether or not life will ever return to “normal” remains to be seen and questions abound regarding how best to manage certain aspects of daily life.

One question we get asked a lot is how to keep up with rat control in a post-Covid world. What does post-Covid rat control look like?

These are important questions; fortunately, we have an easy and effective answer. Let’s take a look at where we are and what you need to know about rat control moving forward.

Rat Control — A Recap and Rx

When states shut down and businesses closed, rats experienced a severe shortage in food sources and harborage. As human activity decreased in the wake of restaurant, bar, and cafe closures, the rats were cut off from a typically abundant food supply — food waste — and the results were downright grisly. Rats resorted to cannabalism and infanticide in order to make up the difference and ensure their survival.

Now that life is beginning to resume and restaurants are reopening, the rats are poised to take full advantage of this replenished food supply, which means they are ready to rebound their numbers.

Rapid reproduction is a primary cause of rat infestations. When their populations are threatened, in this case by food shortages, rats will rebound their numbers practically overnight. A single pair of breeding rats can produce approximately 15,000 pups in the space of a year.

That’s why rat control post-Covid is key.

So, how can you manage rat control post-Covid?

The strategy is simple and proactive, thanks to SenesTech’s innovative rat fertility control tool. ContraPest is a proven and effective solution to manage rat populations safely, keeping you in control and in charge.

All it takes is a quick visit to SenesTech’s Online Store where you can order the supplies you need to get started before you witness a rat population rebound.