August 14, 2020

The Summer 2020 Issue of our SenesTech Newsletter is Here!


Here we are, entering the new fall season with the COVID-19 crisis still with us. We
hope you are all well and safe, looking forward to normalcy in the not too distant future. The past few months have shown us, in living color, the unanticipated public health consequences associated with rodent populations. When businesses shuttered and,
in some cases, even closed, we saw how rats will adapt – ranging beyond their traditional locations and with greater aggressiveness.

SenesTech has adapted as well. Despite the economic challenges occurring around the world, we remain focused on our mission and continue to find new ways to achieve commercial success.

To refresh your memory:

Our goal is to provide effective, but non-lethal, solutions to the age-old challenge of rat infestations. ContraPest, the company’s flagship rat fertility control product, is disrupting the way pest management has always been done, yielding proven and impressive results. Constantly looking to the future, SenesTech is targeting new verticals and impacting real- world applications within industries like agribusiness, national retails and municipalities.

It just so happens that the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated ContraPest’s potential to help municipalities achieve substantial, sustainable reductions in their rat populations. Brandy Pyzyna, SenesTech’s Vice President of Research and Regulatory Affairs, shares more about this, spotlighting our successful IPM deployment in Washington, D.C.

Kim Wolin, our Executive Vice President of Operations, explains how we’ve shifted our operational response to address the COVID-19 crisis in order to stay our course. Part of that involves, as our Chief Financial Officer, Tom Chesterman, explains, relocating our manufacturing operations to Phoenix, Arizona.

This development mirrors our efforts to perfect our product development and management processes, which our Project Manager, Sharon Dinges, details.

Expanding further into the commercial markets, we refined our marketing efforts —
an initiative headed up by Michelle Kristoff, SenesTech’s Director of Marketing. We have

added a new focus on the DIY customer in both residential and commercial settings, while continuing our aggressive approach to our key target markets – municipalities and agribusiness, along with zoos and sanctuaries.

Steve Krause, our Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, emphasizes the importance of fertility management to effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

programs, showing how ContraPest dramatically improves the efficacy of traditional methods, providing a powerful new tool to the professionals servicing our target industries and communities.

Join me in recognizing this quarter’s Preferred Partner, Jim Rossi of Presto Pest Control, who specializes in effective, yet low-impact pest control solutions. In addition to our partnership, Jim will collaborate with SenesTech as a consultant on industry challenges, providing insight into what PMPs are looking for.

As we head into this new quarter, I want to extend my thanks to you all for celebrating our successes in support of our future endeavors and hope you enjoy this Summer 2020 Issue.

Ken Siegel

Chief Executive Officer