May 14, 2020

Spring 2020 Newsletter is Here

We’re excited to share our Spring 2020 newsletter!  As you know, this quarter presented a unique challenge to our global economy, which emphasized the importance of public health and safety relative to businesses and residences alike. The COVID-19 pandemic made clear that the importance of public health cannot be overstated and protective measures across industries are critical to everyone’s wellbeing.

While we continue to fight the virus and rectify the damage left in its wake, we want to take a moment to highlight the significant strides SenesTech has made to support our customers and Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), elevating the industry with our innovative products and services. Notably, we launched our residential program and opened our Online Store, providing easy, direct access to ContraPest®, complete with a discounted monthly subscription service.

In this Spring 2020 Issue:

  • Letter from CEO – 02
  • Putting Homeowners in Control – 06
  • Meet Steve Kraus – 08
  • Preferred partner Spotlight – 08
  • Manufacturing Tests its Mettle – 09
  • Listening to the Voices of our Customers – 10
  • Tips from Technical Support – 11

The increased demand for ContraPest put our manufacturing capabilities to the test and I’m delighted to report that we passed with flying colors, as you’ll read
about from Nick Murphy, our VP of Manufacturing.

We also have emphasized the importance of consumer education and rely on Product Manager, Sharon Dinges, to share some important distinctions in treating rat infestations due to reproduction. Additionally, our team continues to release valuable resources from monthly videos to our ContraPest Complete Manual in support of our customers and PMPs.

Of course, as the spring season comes into full bloom, so does the peak of rat breeding season. In light of this reality, Nicole Eames, our Technical Support Specialist, offers tips for optimal ContraPest deployment by examining resource availability and reproduction. Brandy Pyzyna, VP of Scientific Operations & Technical Services, highlights the value of our Voice of Customer survey to connect with our customers and understand their pain points for the best possible solutions.

As always, we recognize our valuable partnerships in our Preferred Partner Spotlight, which shines this quarter on Pestec and its steadfast commitment to public health. We invite you to check out our Investor Relations page for updated news and announcements, regarding SenesTech’s ongoing evolution.

Finally, please welcome SenesTech’s new Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Krause, PhD, who brings with him more than 25 years of expertise in the public health pest management industry. Learn more about Steve’s background in his featured bio and you’ll see why we are so grateful to have him at
the helm of our Sales and Marketing initiatives.

Thank you for your support as we continue to provide innovative pest management solutions.

-Ken Siegel