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In the news

SenesTech Stands Out.

In a world-wide line up of innovators The unique work of Drs. Lorretta Mayer and Cheryl Dyer, who co-founded the Biotech startup SenesTech, has caught the attention of the AG Innovation Symposium group who have picked them to present at the 5th annual symposium. Dr. Mayer will present at the annual Symposium for entrepreneurs.  This ... Read More

Traditional Management Techniques – Not Working

Traditional population management techniques for overabundant wildlife such as hunting and trapping may be restricted or infeasible in parks and suburban areas. Thus, wildlife managers and administrators are being urged to consider other techniques, such as sharpshooting and fertility control. The Wildlife Society (www.wildlife.org) in their final position paper stated the following; “Wildlife fertility control ... Read More

Wait! We are killing the good guys.

In ridding ourselves of a pest that gives most of us the creeps we are giving foxes, hawks, mountain lions and other wildlife a shorter life span. That pest is the rat. Rats have roamed our planet almost as long as the dinosaurs but elicit emotions of revulsion and fear in most people. Around the ... Read More