September 4, 2019

Our team at SenesTech is well aware of the frustrations and challenges facing today’s PMPs. Part of our research and development efforts involves communicating with PMPs on a regular basis in order to create products that solve real problems in real-time. That’s why we are excited to share the news about our flagship rat birth control product, ContraPest, the perfect PMP partner.

The PMP’s Predicament

We’ve discovered that PMPs lose a phenomenal amount of time, wasting considerable energy and resources responding to unexpected rat rebounds, which often present as emergency service calls in the wake of increased rat activity. In these cases, cleaning out rat traps as quickly as possible is key and that means a PMP likely has to upend his or her regular schedule in order to satisfy this demand.

How Can ContraPest Help?

One of the values of using ContraPest as a stand-alone product or integrating ContraPest into existing integrated pest management (IPM) programs is protection against unexpected calls due to rat rebounds. ContraPest is a rodent control tool that seamlessly supports a PMP’s current business model, without the need for extra service time.

Instead of relying on lethal rodenticides, ContraPest provides PMPs with an effective method to reduce rat populations, following its regular consumption by both male and female rats. Deployed exclusively in known rat foraging locations (instead of the standard placement at 15-20 feet intervals along a perimeter), ContraPest requires less product per site. Moreover, the amount needed at each site is predictable and consistent.

Portrait of a PMP

ContraPest Puts PMPs in Control

As they say, the best offense is a strong defense. ContraPest is a defensive solution that consistently keeps rat populations down. Compared to lethal rodenticides, which present a risk for secondary exposure (along with costly rebounds), ContraPest does not pose a threat to non-target animals. Ultimately, as a PMP, you will always have control over how much ContraPest is required to support your effective IPM efforts.

A Cost-effective Commitment

Consistency is a critical requirement when it comes to the successful deployment of ContraPest. Cutting-edge and effective, this proven innovation must be deployed on a monthly basis. The upshot here is that, in order to realize maximum results, your customers will commit to ContraPest as an ongoing rodent control tool, which translates as recurring monthly income for you.

Key ContraPest Takeaways for PMPs

Whether you choose to implement ContraPest into your IPM programs or use it as a stand-alone product, ContraPest provides you with predictability, utilizes less product, and alleviates client concerns over secondary exposure, ultimately resulting in satisfied customers and recurring income for you.

Are you ahead of the curve when it comes to providing your customers with an innovative, proven rat control solution? Support your business with ContraPest your PMP partner, to save time and money, as well as realize serious returns on your efforts.

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