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ConTrapest®, the next step in the solution

ContraPest is the culmination of the SenesTech vision to humanely reduce rodent populations by minimizing the rebound effect. It’s a liquid contraceptive for rodents—yes, birth control—that works quickly and effectively. They love the sweet, fatty bait and research displays a lack of adverse effects, which means there’s a lower chance of bait aversion.

Customers and pest management professionals alike have found tremendous success with ContraPest. It amplifies the success of integrated pest management programs that leverage various combinations of techniques and rodenticides. From households and businesses to zoos, animal sanctuaries and cities, ContraPest elevates the pest control industry to new, successful heights.


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Deploying ContraPest is quick and easy, but we’re here to make sure you have nothing but success with our product. The SenesTech Technical Team’s expertise is available to business owners and PMPs.

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16 years and counting—that’s how long we’ve been putting ContraPest to the test. We’ve found success in San Francisco and decisive wins in Washington D.C. We’ve helped zoos keep their animals secure and city centers free of rodent burrows.

Keep up with our discoveries and read our latest case studies to see what ContraPest can do.

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Read how 2 poultry farms reined in rampant rat reproduction and saw the savings roll in.

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Squeaky Visitors

What’s there to know about rodents? You want them gone and that’s the point, right? For centuries, the buck stopped there. Not anymore.

We invented ContraPest because we learned about rodent pest populations and studied their biology. With science in our corner, we’ve given people everywhere a tool to solve the problems these pests present. Come immerse yourself in how rodents work. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn!

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