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ContraPest, SenesTech Control, and insert trays for both approved bait stations are available for order directly through SenesTech or through a selection of national and regional distribution partners.

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Buyers Guide for Ordering ContraPest

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Our Products

for the PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS** Bait Station

ContraPest – 400mL Tanks
SenesTech Control – 400mL Tanks
400mL Trays (pair)

for the JT Eaton Rat Fortress Bait Station

ContraPest – 550mL Tanks
SenesTech Control – 550mL Tanks
550mL Trays (left & right – pair)

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Product Resources

Product Video Tutorials

Deploying ContraPest

Watch this short video to learn more about deploying ContraPest.

Replacing ContraPest

This short video shares more about replacing ContraPest.

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**PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® is a registered trademark of Bell Laboratories, Inc. and SenesTech is not related or affiliated with Bell Laboratories, Inc