SenesTech: Webinar on Rat Behavior and Bait Neophobia

Education is a key component of our SenesTech mission to deliver Effective Solutions backed by Sound Science. For that reason, we are delighted to offer webinars designed to inform and even entertain our audience about all things rat-related; like rat behavior.

Tune in next month and listen to our own VP of Technical Services, Brandy Pyzyna, who will discuss some of the more intriguing aspects of rat behavior.

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect…

Getting to the Bottom of Rat Behavior

People have long been baffled by the unpredictable or seemingly inexplicable behavior of rats. From nesting in the strangest spaces to surviving off a diverse menu of food, rats have proven themselves expert at adapting to their environments.

However, the process of adapting is often partnered with extreme skepticism when presented with new things. This proves problematic for PMPs when attempting to control rat populations through baiting and trapping.

At the heart of the behavior is a condition called neophobia. Simply put, neophobia is an intense dislike or suspicion of new things. What causes this in rats? How is it that they are able to discern a new bait from an old one, even when the two look similar? How do rats respond to non-lethal liquid bait, considering that they need a minimum 10% of their body weight in liquid.

The results of baiting with non-lethal liquid bait, like ContraPest, have been encouraging. Rats have consumed the product without exhibiting bait aversion behaviors and will even go so far to consume it even when other options are available. But, the question remains… why?

Register to listen to Brandy’s webinar scheduled for November 13, 2019 at 2pm EST and find out more about the peculiar behaviors of rats and how SenesTech is creating effective solutions to outsmart them.