SenesTech, Inc. has developed and is in the process of commercializing a proprietary technology for managing animal pest populations, primarily rat populations, through fertility control.

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rodent prevention on property IPM Ideas for Effective Rodent Prevention - When it comes to effective rodent prevention, it helps to borrow a trick or two from IPM -- Integrated Pest Management -- strategies. Rodent prevention involves thinking ahead and implementing… Read More »
innovative pmp tool for IPM program rats An Innovative PMP Tool for Your IPM Program, Post-Pandemic Copy - The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it many challenges to public safety, reminding us all about the importance of an effective IPM program. Although we can’t know for sure where we… Read More »
rat problems post covid - new orleans Hold the Line Against Rat Problems Caused by Covid-19 - Important messages bear repeating. In this case, our team is once again banging the drum about rat problems and public health during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Your continued safety is… Read More »

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