SenesTech, Inc. has developed and is in the process of commercializing a proprietary technology for managing animal pest populations, primarily rat populations, through fertility control.

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Chicken-Coop-Blog-Primary-Image 4 Steps to Reduce Rats in Home Gardens and Chicken Coops - When you consider homegrown veggies and fresh eggs, it is not hard to see why people pursue agricultural pastimes at home. From gardens to chicken coops, homeowners have been able… Read More »
DIY Pest Control and ContraPest DIY Pest Control and ContraPest - What does DIY stand for? It stands for do it yourself. There are a lot of tasks in which people like to do themselves. For instance, mowing the lawn and… Read More »
New Year, New Home - 2021 Rat Free Home New Year, New Home - 2021 is underway, and it is time to ensure your New Year’s Ratsolutions are in full swing. Most people look at a healthy year with new workout routines and eating… Read More »

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