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Multi-Family Housing: Case Study

ContraPest successfully suppressed rodent infestations in a multi-family housing complex located in a dense urban area of New York. The buildings had a long history of traditional rodent control which provided limited effects as surviving rats repeatedly bred and the treated population recovered to their original size. The PMPs on site were constantly responding to… Read More »

Integrating ContraPest in an IPM

Protein Production Farm ContraPest provides PMP teams an additional tool to implement into their existing IPM program. When used in conjunction with traditional rodent control techniques, ContraPest was able to reduce the population by targeting the rats that were unsuccessfully treated with traditional methods. While lethal IPM techniques focus on eliminating individual rats, ContraPest targets… Read More »

Importance of Finding Foraging Locations

Protein Production Farm A field trial at protein production farms in the southeastern U.S. took place to determine if ContraPest, in conjunction with traditional rodenticides (Treatment group), is more effective at controlling rodent populations than traditional rodenticides alone (Control group). In an effort to implement fertility management into existing IPM protocols, both ContraPest and traditional… Read More »