2021 is underway, and it is time to ensure your New Year’s Ratsolutions are in full swing. Most people look at a healthy year with new workout routines and eating better, to saving money and getting the home organized after the holiday season.  As you think about the different changes you want to make after 2020, and the new aspirations you want to strive for your family, you may want to consider adding rodent-proofing to the top of your list.  We start out the year with the best of intentions in keeping to our new habits for a better year, but many end up falling short.  Overall, rodent-proofing shouldn’t be one of them, especially with the springtime shortly upon us.  Save on frustration, time, and money by properly preparing now for the entire year.

Rodent issues typically arise in the spring and fall seasons, which correlates with the pinnacle of breading seasons for rats.  There are certain steps that homeowners can take to prepare for the new year and ensure a rodent-free 2021.

Here are some common tips to help homeowner’s rodent-proof their home while avoiding unwanted damage or infestations in the upcoming months ahead.

Properly storing holiday decorations and organizing storage.

It may be daunting taking down all of the holiday cheer (decorations), but do not take short cuts when packing them with care.  Utilize durable plastic containers with tight sealing lids that keep rodents from building their own homes with your festive décor.

Some of your favorite foods may get forgotten if not properly stored and kept out of the rodent’s range of smell.  January is a good time to inspect your house and ensure your cupboards and other areas are properly organized.

  • Store dry food, pet food, and other feeding material in metal, glass, or plastic airtight containers.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes that can easily be accessed by nesting rodents.
  • Elevate storage items off the ground using shelving or pallets

Seal any gaps to minimize entry points through exclusion.

One way to control rodents is to make it difficult for them to gain access to your home.  It can be impossible to exclude rats completely since they can pass through an opening the size of a nickel with their collapsing skeletal structure.  Regularly inspect and repair some common access points to keep rodents out.

  • Plug or repair all cracks and gaps in foundation, walls, basements, etc.
  • Seal gaps and cracks around doors and window frames.
  • Caulk holes around pipes that lead to appliances.
  • Cover up any open insulation that mice may use as nesting
  • Seal around all exterior lines leading through walls must be tight.
  • Place a cap on the chimney to prevent entry by rodents and other animals.

Sanitizing to prevent rodents.

Sanitation is a key step in preventing rodent infestations. Rodents require adequate food and shelter in order to live and thrive. Removal of these two elements is the best way to prevent and control rodent problems. It is important to include both the outside and inside of your home in your sanitation efforts.


By taking some extra steps to start out 2021, you can prepare your home like new from any potential little critters wanting to stay around into the New Year.