Pest Control in Commercial Markets

When commercial buildings are the core of your business, nothing is more essential than effectively managing rodent control within the physical structures themselves. However, building management is not the only factor to consider when selecting optimal products for your rodent management program. Managing the risk of exposure is critical to the health and wellbeing of the people who work at or do business on the property.

At SenesTech, we know that successful rodent control is central when it comes to representing your brand’s best optics. That’s why fertility control, carefully developed to reduce rat populations, is integral to optimal, long-term pest management. To that end, our team has rigorously trained, building the industry knowledge required to better understand your commercial challenges.

Our awareness and appreciation of your specific situation allows us to strategize and manufacture the right products, ultimately delivering the right solution for your commercial business success — all while keeping you in control of daily operations.

Commercial Market Sub Segments

National Retail

SenesTech’s ContraPest helps national retailers reduce damage and loss to building and stored products by minimizing product contamination from unexpected rat issues through a long-term solution with sustainable results.


SenesTech’s ContraPest helps municipalities and transit authorities reduce infrastructure damage due to unexpected rodent propagation, through a long-term solution with sustainable results. Furthermore, ContraPest is a non-lethal product that aids in minimizing the potential for secondary exposure.

Hospitality / Theme Parks

SenesTech’s ContraPest helps hospitality facilities, including theme parks, reduce infrastructure damage, due to unexpected rodent propagation, through a long-term solution with sustainable results, by minimizing unexpected rat rebounds.

General Commercial (Hospitals, Universities)

SenesTech’s ContraPest helps your building by reducing secondary exposure and infrastructure damage, due to an increase of rat activity. By offering a long-term solution, ContraPest addresses a root cause of the problem without adverse effects.

Your Unique Challenges & How ContraPest Can Help

At SenesTech, we understand each unique subset of the commercial market and developed ContraPest with those specific challenges in mind.

National Retail

When the success of your business depends on the health of a physical entity, like a brick and mortar storefront, proper rodent control is of primary importance. At SenesTech, our team is expert at developing the right rodent control products to support your PMPs and IPM programs. Our knowledge and experience reinforce your structure for your strongest business.

  • Reduce physical damage to infrastructure and inventory
  • Mitigate product loss (stored foods, etc)
  • Minimize secondary exposure and reduce cross-contamination


At SenesTech, we recognize that municipalities depend on a strong and healthy foundation. Our innovative rodent control product represents the best of our industry knowledge and experience. Designed to protect and support your infrastructure, ContraPest is effective and targeted at long-term, sustained success.

  • Minimize publicity
  • Minimize visible rat activity that can lead to negative press.
  • Reduce rat rebounds

Hospitality/Theme Parks

As a business owner, you work hard to exceed the expectations of your customers. That means staying on top of any pest problems, like the presence of rodents on your property. The SenesTech team is committed to producing outstanding and effective rodent control products with ContraPest. Using ContraPest to treat your rodent problem puts you back in charge of your business.

  • Reduce infrastructure damage
  • Decrease service costs
  • Ability to use in multiple settings

General Commercial-Hospitals & Universities

No two structures are the same and neither is your business, so why treat rat infestations with the same technology and expect a different result? Stay ahead of your pest problems by using ContraPest to treat your toughest rodent activity areas for a long-term solution. Administered monthly, this product works year-round to aid in minimizing rat activity.

  • Ability to use in multiple settings
  • Minimize internal wall infrastructure damage
  • Protect human populations from exposure on site