Pest Control in Animal Markets

The SenesTech team understands the difficult balance required to manage pests in a responsible and safe way without compromising the health and welfare of the animals in your care. Secondary exposure from poisons has become an increasing concern with non-target animals, especially in environments where other animals or wildlife reside.SenesTech’s goal has always been to provide a better environment for animals, which is why we developed ContraPest, a non-lethal fertility control bait that targets a source of rodent infestations…reproduction.

ContraPest can be used as a stand-alone product when non-lethal control is the only option, or in conjunction with other pest management tools as an integral part of a rodent control program. Our bait is a proactive solution that provides sustainable results to keep your infestation at a manageable level by minimizing reproduction in rats and lowering the population.

Our recognition of the specific challenges facing the animal market has focused our efforts on developing a solution that allows you to successfully manage pests while considering the safety of your animals.

Animal Market Sub Segments

Zoos & Conservancies

SenesTech’s ContraPest provides zoos and conservancies with an innovative rodent control tool that helps reduce rat infestations via fertility control while minimizing risks to non-target animals and reducing chances of secondary exposure.

Animal Sanctuaries & Rescues

SenesTech’s ContraPest helps animal sanctuaries and rescues protect their animals and the food supply they depend on by reducing losses and damages caused by rats directly, or through contamination. Our non-lethal contraceptive bait is not shown to alter behavior or cause illness in rats and helps manage rodent populations by reducing their numbers, while mitigating hazards to non-target animals.

Animal Research

SenesTech’s ContraPest safeguards animal research facilities against damages and incurred costs caused by rat infestations. Rats are biologically driven to chew and will do so on wiring, structural supports, and feed bins, which can be costly to your business. Rats are also vectors for disease, which can become a health concern to both workers and animals at your facility. Reducing your rat infestation with a non-lethal contraceptive bait provides an additional tool that targets the population as a whole, providing a well-rounded rodent control program.

Your Unique Challenges & How ContraPest Can Help

At SenesTech, we understand each unique subset of the animal market and developed ContraPest with those specific challenges in mind.

Zoos & Conservancies

As a zoo or conservancy, you have a two-fold responsibility to protect the animals in your care and ensure the safety of your visitors. For that reason, SenesTech developed a non-lethal product that reduces risks to non-targets.

ContraPest has not been shown to alter behavior or cause illness in rats, reducing the likelihood of predation and consequential secondary exposure. In addition, the active ingredients in ContraPest are a low concentration (<0.1%) that reduces risks to non-targets and have a short half-life of 15-20 minutes, further minimizing chances of secondary exposure. Ultimately, ContraPest helps to ensure the safety of your animals, employees, and guests.

  • Safeguards against secondary exposure
  • Reduces risk to non-target animals
  • Supports the well-being of animals and visitors on-site

Animal Sanctuaries & Rescues

Animal sanctuaries and rescues are tasked with improving the welfare of their animals, often on a tight budget and with scarce resources. Loss of food and damages, due to a rodent infestation, is costly and compromises the well-being of the animals. ContraPest’s non-lethal contraceptive formulation safeguards your animals and their food source by reducing rodent populations.

  • Minimizes loss of resources
  • Non-lethal solution
  • Reduces risk to non-target animals

Animal Research

Effective animal research requires strong infrastructure. Rats can quickly compromise integral components to your business by chewing on and breaking down essentials like structures and wiring. Costs and damages associated with rodent control management can be high, especially when rat populations can quickly rebound to their original numbers. This is why the contraceptive formulation in ContraPest is critical to rodent management at your facility and helps protect against unexpected challenges.

  • Reduce damages caused by rats
  • Targets a source of rodent infestations, reproduction
  • Decrease risks of secondary exposure