Pest Control in Agribusiness

Today’s emphasis on food safety has resulted in increased scrutiny on manufacturing and processing facilities. One facet of this emphasis is the move toward more effective vector control due to the pressure of inspections by regulatory agencies and third-party auditors.

Rodents are a health hazard and present a challenge to these industries owing to their potential to cause product and financial losses. These concerns are compounded by the increasing demands of biosecurity programs and reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission.

At SenesTech, we developed ContraPest to help food facilities and agricultural operations mitigate these potential losses by providing a long-term, sustainable solution for reducing rodent populations.

Our understanding and appreciation of agribusiness’s unique challenges have helped us develop an innovative product to support the overall success of your food processing, food storage, and agricultural businesses.

Agribusiness Sub Segments

Food Processing

SenesTech’s ContraPest is innovative rodent control designed to help food processing facilities ensure that their products that are safe and suitable for consumption. ContraPest helps decrease rodent populations, thereby reducing damage to buildings, loss of stored products, and the exposure to poisons.

Food Storage

SenesTech’s ContraPest supports food storage operations by protecting the integrity of food products and reducing damage and loss, by decreasing pressure from rodent populations.


SenesTech’s ContraPest helps agricultural operations manage crops and livestock, reducing damage to infrastructure and loss to stored products, while eliminating exposure to poisons for humans and animals.

Your Unique Challenges & How ContraPest Can Help

At SenesTech, we understand each unique subset of agribusiness and have developed ContraPest with those specific challenges in mind.

Food Processing

When your business is producing food for human or animal consumption, the potential spread of disease is a real threat. Rodents can transfer harmful pathogens, contaminating work surfaces or the food products. This danger and others have caused incidents which have threatened public health and the reputations of food production facilities, making headlines worldwide.

The SenesTech team has developed a rodent control product to support your PMPs and their IPM programs to help ensure your business will avoid this kind of negative publicity.

  • Protect the integrity and safety of processed foods
  • Decrease exposure to disease
  • Lower and manageable rodent populations

Food Storage

Safe and secure storage of food is your commitment to the public. Rats are known to transmit disease through contaminated food, which poses a risk to public safety. Contamination through chewed packaging will transmit pathogens, damaging not only these products but, potentially, your business’ reputation.

SenesTech is committed to supporting your efforts to protect consumers through careful food storage methods with ContraPest, our effective rodent control product.

  • Reduce damage to stored products and packaging
  • Fewer unexpected rat rebounds
  • Decrease exposure to disease


Fundamental to the large-scale food production required by our global economy, the agriculture industry has long relied upon rodenticides to control rodent populations. These products can potentially pose a threat to technicians, site staff, and the public. There is also a concern for the environment through contamination of water and plants.

Designed to alleviate that exposure in agricultural environments, SenesTech’s ContraPest is a fertility control product that effectively:

  • Reduce physical damage to infrastructure and inventory
  • Mitigate product loss (stored foods, etc)
  • Minimize secondary exposure and reduce cross-contamination