As the American poet Maya Angelou observed, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” Granted, she wasn’t talking about manufacturing, but the message remains relevant to SenesTech’s recent manufacturing advancements and enhanced capacity in support of innovative and effective products.

Where We Came From

Simply put, SenesTech initially struggled to create a product processing system that met supply demand. Relying on a single head automated filling station caused packaging delays. But that was just the beginning and since then manufacturing capacity continues to expand, thanks to new innovative designs.

Where We Are Now

Currently, SenesTech boasts tripled production, thanks in part to new process engineering designs, equipment modification, and integrations. With the new processing and packaging volumes, Senestech can adequately address the increased demands for our product, ContraPest.

Where We Are Going

More manufacturing developments are on the horizon, which will allow us to keep pace with what our consumers want and need. Within the year we will implement an automated system that will allow for even faster production and packaging.

At SenesTech, we are always developing our manufacturing capacity to match our commitment to producing innovative and effective products. Part of that commitment involves developing better processes to decrease waste in support of sustainability that protects our people, our planet, and our profits.