Your guest list might be shorter than usual this year as COVID-19 continues to require social distancing measures. Fortunately, practicing Integrated Pest Management or IPM at home will help keep uninvited guests like rats off your list and out of your home.

IPM at Home for the Holidays

As we’ve witnessed during this pandemic, rats don’t respect social distance and have actually become more aggressive in their quest for food and shelter. That means you could wind up with unwanted guests at your holiday celebrations, no matter how big or small the gathering.

The holidays come with enough stress; rat infestations shouldn’t be one of them. There is plenty you can do to limit your guest list to those actually invited. Practicing Integrated Pest Management or IPM strategies at home is the first step. The age-old expression, “the best offense is a good defense” captures the spirit of IPM strategies.

The first step in embracing IPM at home starts with sanitation. As simple as it sounds, sanitation really involves removing temptation. Make sure to clean up thoroughly after your holiday spread, paying close attention to spills and sticky residue that could attract rats. Any leftover holiday treats should be stored in plastic or metal containers with tight-fitting lids. As far as trash and recycling bins, both inside and outside of your home, make sure the receptacles are lined with bags, topped with lids, and regularly wiped down.

Sanitation also involves cleaning up yard debris like leaf piles and pruning back greenery to discourage rats from finding shelter or nesting. Any standing water that has accumulated under hoses, around drains or beneath gutters should also be cleaned up; if not, rats could seek out these sources to satisfy their considerable daily water requirement. For this reason, take care to fix any leaky faucets and pipes in and around your home as well.

Next, you’ll want to embrace exclusion. “The more the merrier” does not apply here. Take a close look at your property to find any cracks or crevices that could allow rats entry into your home. Focus on the foundation, which bears the brunt of a home’s age and seasonal stresses. Look around windows and doorways, including garage doors. Make any necessary repairs or adjustments to better secure the structural integrity of your home and keep rats out.

Added Assurance from ContraPest

In addition to IPM at home, deploying a contraceptive tool like ContraPest provides an added layer of proven protection. Pun intended.

Non-lethal, ContraPest comes in a liquid formulation that rats will consume even in the presence of other available food sources. Effective in both male and female rats, the consistent monthly application of ContraPest reduces the number of litters and pups per litter, decreasing rat populations on site once and for all.

By practicing IPM at home and enhancing your efforts with ContraPest, you’ll set yourself up for a happier holiday. Learn more by visiting our website and place your order directly from SenesTech’s Online Store.