The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it many challenges to public safety, reminding us all about the importance of an effective IPM program. Although we can’t know for sure where we are in this pandemic — beginning, middle or end — we do know that as businesses reopen, rats are ready to rebound their populations.

A Simple Integration for a Stronger Solution

As those in the industry know, a rat population surge is practically inevitable. That’s why now is the time to consider innovating your IPM program with an innovative PMP tool. Take SenesTech’s contraceptive pest control product, ContraPest. A simple addition to IPM, ContraPest offers a long-term solution that helps strengthen short-term alternatives, like rodenticides.

PMPs know that it doesn’t take a pandemic for rats to rebound. Any event that compromises a rat population — whether a lethal campaign, drought, or other disruption in their food supply — will cause them to reproduce, which they already do at an alarming rate.

A single pair of breeding rats can produce up to 15,000 offspring within a year. No wonder then, that rat infestations are difficult to keep under control, consistently. This is where ContraPest, comes in as a seamless enhancement to your current IPM program and customer service process.

PMPs who are eager to access a complete solution for their customers need to consider adding ContraPest into their IPM program. Not only will ContraPest result in fewer rats and happier customers, it also provides a reliable revenue stream. A cumulative program, based on monthly applications, ContraPest provides consistent protection against future rebounds, which means ongoing peace of mind for your customers.

A simple integration, you can learn so much more about this innovative PMP tool, ContraPest, including helpful deployment tips, by visiting

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