August 7, 2019

At SenesTech, we love sharing stories about the successful deployment of our flagship rat contraceptive product, ContraPest. One of our triumphs this year has been reducing rat populations in a very sensitive environment. While none of us wants to spend quality time in a hospital, we do expect that a visit of any duration will be made in a clean and comfortable space. In other words, rats are not a welcome sight.

Rats are a well-known threat to human health and a vector for disease, which is why their presence in a hospital setting is of concern. Additionally, their biological necessity for gnawing adds to their threat. Gnawing on hospital infrastructure and critical components like electrical wiring can compromise sensitive machinery and equipment used by hospital staff to treat patients.

After experiencing the rebound effect, often seen with the use of lethal rodenticides, one Texas hospital decided to take a new approach by upping the ante and combat its rat populations with ContraPest.

Photo of a Hospital

The RX for Rat Infestations

A total of 45 bait stations containing ContraPest were placed throughout the hospital and carefully monitored on a daily basis. ContraPest was deployed as part of an integrated pest management program (IPM) that also included approximately 1700 trapping devices placed throughout the facility.

Initial Results

Once the rodent problem was addressed to the hospital’s satisfaction, the remaining ContraPest stations were relocated to the exterior of the building, specifically around the perimeter and other areas of potential rodent pressure.

The Prognosis

The bait stations with ContraPest continue to be monitored on a monthly basis and, at the present time, there has been no rodent activity observed within this facility.

Check out our website for more information and testimonials about the effectiveness of ContraPest and explore the ways our product can help protect your market.