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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is SenesTech?
SenesTech is a platform biotechnology company specializing in reproductive physiology. We have developed our first EPA registered product, ContraPest®, which safely and humanely reduces rat populations. When used as directed, it is safe for people and non-target animals.

What is the Product?
ContraPest is a liquid contraceptive bait for rodents. The technology behind the bait works by chemically inducing infertility by accelerating the natural egg loss in female rats. ContraPest also affects male rats by decreasing their reproductive efficiency. Consumption of ContraPest causes a decline in rat litter size as early as 2 weeks after ingestion.

Where is it available? Is it available for residential use?
SenesTech received EPA approval on August 2, 2016. We are currently in the process of registering the product in each state. The product can only be sold through licensed Pest Control Operators.

How is the bait delivered?
The liquid bait is delivered in 2 550 ml tanks with attached feeder trays in Tier 1 bait stations that are tamper proof, weather proof, pet proof and most importantly, child proof. After multiple bait takes, both the male and female rats are sub fertile, producing significantly fewer rat pups. The bait is left out so that rodents can continuously feed and is refilled as needed, depending upon rodent infestation levels. Typical infestation levels will need monthly refills. Higher levels of rodent infestations may need bi-monthly refills.

Does SenesTech’s product affect the food chain or other animals that might eat the bait?
No. If a predatory animal ate a rat that was treated with the bait, it would not become infertile as the bait dosage will only affect rats. Additionally, the rat will metabolize the bait in a matter of minutes and the excreted waste products are inactive.

If a different animal, like a feral dog or cat, ate the bait would they also become infertile?
No. Each bait formulation is species specific and only has enough of the active ingredients to cause infertility in the target animal. The bait stations containing SenesTech’s product will also restrict access to small mammals only.

Does SenesTech’s product affect the land or environment?
No. SenesTech’s product is environmentally neutral. Animals that have been baited excrete an inactive ingredient in their urine and feces. Any product that comes in direct contact with soil or water is rapidly broken down into inactive by-products.

Does SenesTech’s product hurt the rats that eat it?

No. SenesTech’s product is not poisonous and does not hurt the rats that ingest or come into contact with the bait. There are no observable adverse side effects of the product.

Is there a risk to human handlers that are putting the bait out? Or to humans in general?
No. Our product, as formulated and when used as directed, is not harmful to the skin and cannot be inhaled. Although one of our plant-derived active ingredients may have a temporary effect on fertility in humans, a 165 lb. person would have to ingest 2 gallons of the product every day for 15 days to be possibly affected. There are no documented cases of cancer or illness in humans from the two active ingredients in SenesTech’s product. In fact, our plant-derived active ingredient is being used in clinical trials to combat certain types of cancer.

Is it easy to use?
Yes. Our product is delivered in a bait station in a liquid form. Simply set the bait stations out in areas where rat populations are high and refill as necessary.

Where has it been used?
Our product has been used in laboratory settings and in field studies in New York City and an agricultural setting in North Carolina. Our first study was an NIH funded study with the MTA in early September 2013. We have also worked with the USDA NWRC (National Wildlife Research Center) in Ft. Collins, CO on a cage study and arena study. Additionally, the product has been tested at the USDA field station on black rats in Hilo, HI.

How do you know it works?
Over seven years of scientific research demonstrates that our product is effective at reducing rat litter size.

Can it be used for other animals?
SenesTech is presently working with the rat population only. Our future species include: mice, nutria, deer, feral dogs and cats, and eventually companion animals. Our product will be specifically formulated for each particular species.

For more information, contact Ali Applin, VP of Business Development: ali.applin@senestech.com