It’s one thing to realize success in a lab. It’s another entirely to translate that success into the real world, especially on a larger scale. Never one to shy from a challenge, the SenesTech team put ContraPest to the test by partnering with DC Health to combat the city’s notorious rat problem. The goal was to see whether ContraPest had the potential to improve lives by protecting public health.

After deploying 139 bait stations in 13 municipal alleys, we confirmed our suspicion: ContraPest has the potential and more, making it the perfect enhancement for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

How do we know it worked?

By positioning cameras between two target alleys, we could closely monitor the rat populations, noting a significant decrease in rat sightings. In fact, the reduced number of sightings ranged between 51-88%, proof of improved rodent control, following the integration of ContraPest in their IPM program.

Fertility management will continue to prove critical to reduced rat populations in municipal areas, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, SenesTech has an unique opportunity to enhance public health with contraceptive pest controls. Primed for commercial success, we are ready to equip municipalities across the country with this proven pest control tool.

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