Our team at SenesTech is eager to attend PestWorld 2020 where industry leaders come together to discuss the evolution of pest management and our roles as change-makers within it.

This year, marking the 87th annual event, PestWorld will be hosted as a virtual conference, in keeping with the remote trends necessitated by COVID-19. In a way, this change is a reflection of the pest management industry’s ability to adapt and innovate, which is what makes ContraPest such a perfect tool to introduce to our fellow participants.

Let us give you a little sneak peek of our flagship contraceptive pest control tool, whether or not you plan to participate in this year’s PestWorld events…

Get Acquainted with ContraPest

Fertility control tools are pivotal in the overarching IPM machine through the prevention of rodent infestations and controlling the rat population, complementing your existing strategies, to keep them down.

ContraPest, a form of fertility control, allows you to remain in charge of a pivotal cog that seamlessly supports your smoothest IPM efforts by complementing your existing strategies to keep rat populations down.

Effective in both male and female rats, ContraPest reduces fertility immediately upon consumption, resulting in smaller litters and fewer pups overall. This means decreased rat populations on site; which makes for happy PMPs and even happier customers.

ContraPest is making an impact around the country with testimonials highlighting its effective application and successful transition from the lab into the real world. Take, for example, the following statistic pulled from a busy metropolitan setting:

“A four-month study using videography showed rat populations declined between 51-88% in the sites where ContraPest was deployed. We are extremely excited to be able to contribute to the success of our partnership with DC Health through an expanded deployment. We believe ContraPest when used within an integrated pest management program can help municipalities achieve their long-term, sustainable goals for rodent control.”

We invite you to virtually stop by our booth at PestWorld 2020 to learn more about ContraPest and to access a promo code for savings off your first order. As always, we also encourage you to visit our website and contact us with any questions about ContraPest or SenesTech’s mission within the pest management industry.