Recently, SenesTech received a glowing ContraPest testimonial from a customer in Nevada who realized significant success on-site after deploying ContraPest. We wanted to share her story with you and invite you to share yours with us, if you are already using and seeing positive results from ContraPest.

All it Takes is One

After observing a single rat on site, it wasn’t long before Tonya Stonehocker noticed he had company, thanks to an infestation on a neighboring property. Soon, an average of 50 rats could be seen between both locations.

The adjacent property owners attempted to control the population using lethal rodenticides, which proved upsetting to Stonehocker, especially in light of her dog getting into rat poison. Although the dog survived, using lethal rodenticides is no longer a risk Stonehocker is willing to take. She was confident there had to be another way.

Sure enough, after reading about rat control used by the NY transit system in the subways, she waited until rat fertility products were legalized in Nevada. Even so, she had trouble finding a PMP who wouldn’t laugh at her when she asked about securing rat birth control as a means to manage the infestation at her location.

A Triumphant Tale

The population continued to grow and Stonehocker was never able to get a handle on it until she was connected with ContraPest via her pest control company, Green Pro.

After deploying two bait stations with two bottles of ContraPest in each, Stonehocker observed a quick decrease in the population. Meanwhile, the neighboring property continued to use lethal rodenticides.

By relying strictly on non-lethal ContraPest, Stonehocker was able to control the rat population on her property, eventually seeing only one rat and then recording a six-month stretch without a single rat sighting.

Consistency is Key

Recent construction in the area has resulted in an uptick of rats around Stonehocker’s property, which she also attributes to the fact that she skipped a few months of product deployment. Despite these setbacks, the numbers observed are far fewer than the infestation she had been dealing with initially.

A Sound Strategy

Stonehocker plans to resume regular deployment and continue using it as a standalone, non-lethal solution, citing the security of the bait stations as one of the factors giving her peace of mind and confidence in ContraPest.

Have you implemented ContraPest either as a stand-alone solution or by integrating it into your existing IPM program? We would love to hear about your experience with ContraPest and, if you haven’t tried ContraPest, order here to start experiencing this kind of success at your site so you can share your own ContraPest testimonial!